Overall, I feel as though I have gained extreme confidence in my time management and organisational skills throughout this task. I have experienced lack of direction in situations, during our film tasks and by this I have been able to progress my own skills by resolving the situations.

By completing my model tasks, I feel mentally prepared to recreate more with the knowledge gained throughout the construction and pre planning. Having classes on scale drawings and experimenting with different techniques also helped me practice my skills. I have accomplished a lot of different attributes that I thought were impossible and was able to realise the potential in my work.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


We have been assigned to build a model based on a theme of a book or film that was made before the 1970s. For this project, I have decided to chose Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This book first came out in 1964. Later on, there were two films made based on the book. Willy Wonka is a man who owns a chocolate factory and creates so many different sweets and good treats. He sets out a competition for 5 lucky kids to come into the factory and explore. Little did they know, he was on the look out for the right kid to take over his factory.

I watched both versions of the film and read the book before I started the project and took notes of things I may want to include into my model. I am very excited to start this project, I have a lot of ideas that I want to experiment with and cannot wait to go and make things such as furniture. I like being creative and making things with items I no longer need.

I will use sketch up and draw a scale drawing of the floor plan of my design. I will then start on my 1:50 scale and when I happy, I will move on to making a 1:25 scale.

Making my Model

When making my 1:25 scale detailed model, there were a lot of things and ways I wish I had changed when making my final piece. Most of my furniture was not accurate to a 1:25 scale and looked a little odd when put together under the same model. Another thing I realised when making my model was that I painted the walls after putting them together but an easier way would have been to decorate and paint each wall however I wanted and putting them together in the end.

Some of the problems I encountered was being too ambitious. I attempted to add a chandelier to my model from adding extra foam board attached from the top. However, I realised this would not hold well so I had to tone back some of my ideas. I wanted to add more accents of gold so I added gold curtains, gold stairs and golden eggs. Most of the things I added were originally gold but for the bathtub of golden eggs, I spray painted Chocolate M&Ms and put them together. I made my posters which I attached to a golden frame that I put up on the wall.

I put together a box and attached two studs on the top as the door handles. This box was his experimentation box where he would go inside and there would be a little office/lab where Wonka works on new experiments. It is quite huge, so I added a ladder which he would use to get up to the experimentation box.

I wanted the room to be simple and extremely high-tech looking with modern designs. It felt too empty and not enough warmth was felt when I analysed my model. This is when I decided to add a plant. I used an old foundation lid as a plant pot and glued in a stem with several smaller plants on it. It made the room look a little more homely. My favourite experiment, was the door. I spray painted foam board gold, very lightly and I then brought it closer to buldge up and build a little more depth to the colours. It leaked all through the middle and I continuously moved around my piece for it to create different patterns. This was a success and the effect looked amazing. I then added a small ball of strong glue as a handle and wood for the top of the door.

The main colours for this model was white, purple and gold. After watching the film, I realised the most dominant colour was purple. I wanted gold to add class and as he was the king of chocolate I wanted to enhance this effect into my model. The white was used to keep it modern and clean looking which In my opinion, was successfully achieved.

With the carpets and little bit of marble in the room, I spent a lot of time experimenting with. I wanted to find the perfect flooring for my model so I painted a piece of fabric and placed it like a small rug. I then removed it and decided to replace it with a larger bit of Vinyl. I liked the marble look but it didn’t go well with the original colour pattern so I decided to cut a piece and put it on the top of the wall to match.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my model and think I have achieved everything I initially planned. I am happy that I have experimented with different materials and ways in which I could create things whilst not spending any money and using sustainability. I am happy that I have been able to use the theme of the film of Willy Wonka and adapted this to a modern room.

Some things I regret, is not making it look too much like how Willy Wonka’s room would look like. If I had managed my time better I could have experimented more and added more sweets and actual chocolate related decorations. I feel like I could have experimented more with some of the walls or even the floor. Originally, I wanted to design a room with two floors but again, me being ambitious I was wasting time in designing what was required from me and decided to focus on building one room.

If I could change anything, it would be the process in which I made my room. I would start things and end things differently. Overall, I am very happy with my model and know what to do when making more models.

Model Making

(All Documents are attached in workbook)

We had a few classes on scale drawings and how to do them. We were given a guideline room in which we had to copy and as we were drawing, we were being taught what the measurements are. We were taught to always measure in mm which then translated to meters in life size measurements. This works out easier when using a to scale ruler. We have been mainly working with the scales 1:25 and 1:50. 

I bought all the equipment needed for this such as the to scale ruler, a pencil when drawing, a trisquare, a cutting mat, glue and a scalpel. We were taught how to use all of them and how they would help with our drawings and even when developing our drawings. When drawing we were taught to always go over lines so we could find our exact meet point when cutting out our different measurements. We were then taught how to elevate our to scale drawings and even make 3D versions so we could start to see our plans visually. 

We practised drawing many different times and were handed foam board to start practising model making. I struggled very much with this but finally got the hang of it. We were taught how to use Sketch Up so we could draw up our ideas and plans on the web and have a 3D representation of our ideas. We were also taught how to correctly make windows for the models we had to make however, I missed this class and nobody was available to help me so I came up with my own strategies of how to make a window and calculate it right. 

I started working on my two model making sets. I started off by designing ideas on Sketch up and then made a to scale drawing. As soon as this was finished and I knew the measurements I wanted to use, I started creating these on the Foam board. I drew out my measurements and started to cut them out and put them together. I started off with my 1:50 model as this was the easiest option and I wanted to experiment before I started on my more detailed model. 






I can not contact my Director as I do not have a number or email for him as there was poor communication throughout the process for this group so I asked one of the individuals in the art department to give me a brief paragraph of feedback on my performance. The person I asked was Cameron who worked in this group as props buyer but spent a lot of time receiving instructions from myself. This is what he said..

“Although I only saw Nada in production meetings. She applied her self whilst in production and really took control of difficult situations when there was no one else to co-ordinate, she took charge in clearing the previous set in order to speed up the turnaround for our set. She was always On hand to touch up make up and hair. I think Nada could improve on her patience as, at times whilst waiting around she became slightly agitated”

I am pleased that my crew member was able to see that I took charge when I saw things were not productive enough and we were running out of time. I do understand that I could be more patient, however I am so used to being productive and being busy that I did not know how to wait. 

Overall, I have learnt quite a bit from this shoot. 



Extra Visits

Today I decided to revisit all the locations mentioned in the book of ‘A Cupboard Full of Coats’. From reading the book, I have a visual idea of what everything looked like but being there in person changed everything. I got to visit Rio the cinema in which Jinx visits when she becomes older and takes her son for a trip to watch a film. I visited downs park and saw all the old houses on the road. I was able to take a walk down Hackney downs park which was a bigger park than I expected. The roads all down my journey were super long and I had no idea at all. It was spacious and beautiful to walk down somewhere knowing you have read about it and imagining all the events replay in my head. This was a great experience. I tried to talk to somebody to find out what the houses were like and what life was like in Dalston in the 80s, but nobody wanted to be interviewed and everyone else was in a rush. But just being there, gave me a good feeling and better understanding of the place.