My Individual Mood Board Explanation and Relation

I decided to scan through the book ‘A cupboard Full of Coats’ one last time to assure that I was almost referencing the pictures I chose for my Mood Board from the book and added some other inspirational pictures as well as expressing experimentations of my own. When making my individual mood I decided to focus on hair, wardrobe and make up as these would be the different roles I will be working on. I found pictures of hair and makeup that were mostly popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I added to my mood board as I read over A Cupboard full of coats again, assuring I was using the book as a reference in researching for the right thing. After reading and highlighting key description I added as much as I could to my mood board. I added the exact colour described in the book of eye shadow onto my mood board too. Here are all the descriptions I mainly focused on from the book..






Luckily, every film I have worked on included these descriptions so I knew exactly what to pick when being asked to go out and find items and looks that the actors would need for the day of the shooting.


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