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The ALRA Trip

The ALRA Trip

Wikipedia, ALRA, Accessed 01/03/2014,

Today we got the opportunity to go to ALRA which stands for the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. They had allowed for us to visit their site, having access to all their costumes and clothes and allowed for us to Hire it for free. There were so many options when we arrived and we were allowed as many items as we wanted. The only problem is, is that we haven’t yet met our actors so we didn’t know sizes or how things would look together. Also, because my Director for HUMDRUM was very specific with her choices, we could not find exactly what it is we needed. We decided to take back a variety of things and options in case our Director was happy to use them. For On The Doorstep, we found some beautiful fur coats to choose from. We also found a perfect pair of old Levi Jeans and some old shirts we could take back.

Despite getting this opportunity to Hire out free clothes, I feel like I still have a lot of research and buying to do. Not everything is available especially when we’re looking for specific items. I plan to visit various different charity shops for options and to browse and see if I can find what I am looking for i.e Snake skin mens shoes. Another reason I feel like I cannot do anything about this situation, research wise is because we have not yet met our actors so we have no idea what they look like, nor do we have any measurements for any of them so I have to be patient and wait to meet my actors before I can go out and buy something.

The only clothes that I’ve managed to find everything for from ALRA, is for the On The Doorstep production. We only needed a few items and we have found them all, excluding shoes which can be easily resolved by either the actors bringing their own or buying a pair as we haven’t spent any money so far on costume and wardrobe.



These were all my measurements for my Actors.

Measurements: (cm)                                                                                                                                                               Menzah (Lemon)   – 07710171816                                                                                                                                         Period: 1980s-1990s

Height 162                                                                                                                                                                               Shoe UK 9                                                                                                                                                                               Bust/Chest 49                                                                                                                                                                       Waist 99                                                                                                                                                                                   Hips 104                                                                                                                                                                                 Bottom 112                                                                                                                                                                               Head Circ 59                                                                                                                                                                             Neck 17                                                                                                                                                                                     Nape to Waist 42                                                                                                                                                                     Cross Back 42                                                                                                                                                                           Shoulder to Shoulder 50                                                                                                                                                         Across Chest 62                                                                                                                                                                     Arm Length Outside 66                                                                                                                                                           Arm Length Inside 56                                                                                                                                                           Wrist Circ 20                                                                                                                                                                           Inside Leg 72.5                                                                                                                                                                       Outside leg 110                                                                                                                                                                       Calf 37

Measurements: (cm)                                                                                                                                                               Wuese (Jynx)  – 07809667811                                                                                                                                               Period: 1980s-1990s

Height 165                                                                                                                                                                               Shoe UK 5                                                                                                                                                                                 Bust/Chest 86                                                                                                                                                                           Waist 75                                                                                                                                                                                   Hips 88                                                                                                                                                                                     Bottom 98                                                                                                                                                                               Nape to Waist 39                                                                                                                                                                   Cross Back 33                                                                                                                                                                           Shoulder to Shoulder 44                                                                                                                                                         Across Chest 37                                                                                                                                                                     Arm Length Outside 60                                                                                                                                                         Arm Length Inside 48                                                                                                                                                             Inside Leg 77                                                                                                                                                                         Outside leg 92

Roles for House Project

These are the different Roles we got to choose from..

– Production designer (works with costume designer)
– Art director takes care of set
– Costume Designer
– Set designer
– Props master monitors (looks after props)
– Wardrobe supervisor
– Set builder
– Set decorator
– Props buyer
– Props maker
– Stand by make up & hair
– Floor manager
– Runner
– Set builder/Standby
– Set dresser (furniture, walls etc not props)
– Wardrobe supervisor

My first option was Wardrobe Supervisor, My second was Costume Designer and my last choice was Props buyer. I also put Hair and Make Up as I was able to do that also.

Measuring our Actors

Today we had the opportunity to get a full tutorial on how to Measure our actors in a correct manor. We were taught how to measure for costume of people acting and moving around. We learnt different techniques and were even able to practice on one another before we got to meet our cast.

What to measure and how, when measuring for TV/Film.

Hip Bone – From each hip

The Waist – This is different for both men and women. Men’s being more difficult to measure. The belly button is where the waist is and men tend to have larger ones as some have bigger bellys. However, the belly button is where to measure and it should be in complete line ground.

Cup Fitting (Bra) – We didn’t have to worry about this much because nobody is doing an underwear scene however, you would usually measure under the bust and over. It is important that you are measuring women for underwear as women are bigger than they realise and they tend to have the wrong sizes.

Inside Leg – To make this as comfortable as possible, you must ask them to hold the end of the measuring tape to the top of the inside of the leg. They must be facing the front with their face straight ahead. The end of the measuring tape goes to the bottom, just where the heel begins.

Outside Leg – This is from the hip bone, to the floor. The actor/ess must be looking straight ahead. For women, you should also do the measurements from the waist to the floor because some have longer bodies and it can also give you a better understanding of the maximum length when buying or making a costume.

The Cross back – This is between the shoulder blades, not the top or the bottom. When measuring for jackets, always ask the person to push their arms up and lift forward.

Shoulder to Shoulder – This is from shoulder bone to the other shoulder bone

Nape to Waist – There is a little bone at the back of your neck called the nape, which may stick out sometimes. You start off from the Nape to where the belly button lines to at the back. (waist) You may also ask them to put their hands on their waist to give you a good guideline as to where it sits.

Arm length – Ask the person to bend their arms as you are measuring as this tends to be longer than the inside arm and lengths increase when moving around. Measure from the top of the shoulder right down to the wrists and add two fingers to the measurement.

Inside Arm – Again, to make this comfortable you must ask your actor to hold the end of the tape in their armpit and measure down to the wrists. The arm does not need to be bent as measurements stay the same when bent. You must also check that your actor is clean for hygiene reasons and so that your tape measure is not ruined.

The Neck Collar size – Most men know their shirt sizes when it comes down to this and they are always right. This measurement is quite preferential. Always ask and be a bit more generous (Two fingers maybe) when measuring. Most men prefer bigger sizes when acting as they get really hot.

Script by Alice Murgia

On the doorstep Draft N.2 28/01/2014


Alice Murgia

Based on “A cupboard full of Coats” by Yvvette Edwards


It is dark, noises of crockery and running water.A teenage girl, JINX, opens a the door of a cupboard, turns on the light inside it; several colored long coats are hanging, the hanger just in the middle of the cupboard is empty. She closes the cupboard and walks with hesitation in the hallway; a yellow light comes from a door wide open. Jinx looks through it. The kitchen is neat and tidy.

A tall man in his late 30s, BERRIS, stands in front of the sink washing dishes; he blocks the direct neon lights creating an intimidating dark silhouette. He wears smart cloths and shoes. Jinx stands silently on the door step looking at him. He keeps on cleaning the same pan, then he straightens, turns towards the door and looks at Jinx; he doesn’t look into her eyes. She holds her breath and jumps in surprise.


Is your mum coming back anytime soon?

JINX I don’t know.

Berris places down the pan with a loud noise, looks out of the window, takes two plates from the three that are next to him and two glasses of water on the dining table; each on the opposite side of it.

It is grilled salmon fillet. He sits down and starts eating, tapping his fingers on the table. She looks a the other plate and at his tapping fingers.


Hurry up, eat it while it’s still warm.

The girl looks confused nods and goes to sit at the table.

He is eating slowly, he has big red eyes, his shirt is stained with oil she notices it and looks at him for a while. She takes a small bite, then she smiles, she starts eating eagerly. Berris looks at her for a moment and snickers.


Behave yourself kid, will you?

She blushes and straightens on her chair, she leans on the seat back.



This salmon is great! I didn’t know you could cook.

Stops and steals a glance at him, he seems relaxed.

BERRIS Of course I can.


(looks down and raise her


Mum doesn’t like fish, you know? she never cooks it!


Berris stops eating and looks at Jinx in the eyes, invasive glare. Jinx adjust herself on the chair.


(raises his voice, authoritative)

What was your mother wearing when she went out?



The green and yellow dress.. the one with flo…


(interrupting her) Which coat?

Jinx looks on him, she pauses.


The camel colored one.

He smirks and stands up leaving food on the plate. He gets a toothpick and starts cleaning his teeth nauseatingly, then he puts the toothpick on the table; it has pieces of an indistinguishable green spice on it. Jinx stops eating as well and stares at the toothpick. Her hands gripped on the table.

A noise of key turning into a lock. Heels on the parquet. A gorgeous woman is standing on the doorway smiling happily, JOY. She is taking her long camel coat off.



I’m hom…

She looks at Berris; he has an unsettling smile on his face and she stops unbuttoning her coat.

In two long steps Berris is 2 cm away from the mother’s face. He raises his arm as if he wants to beat her. Joy lowers her head and closes her eyes submissively. Jinxs instinctively stands up and moves noisily the chair. Berris freezes then he turns slightly his head towards Jinx, Jinx steps back, he stops. He looks at Joy.


Do you remember why I gave you this coat?

Berris strokes the open wound on the mother’s lower lip, a strikingly violet bruise.


You don’t want another coat, do you?

(flattering voice) Isn’t this one enough for you?

He let his hand off her face, she takes his hand and holds it tightly, he looks at it, and then at her, and she is gently smiling at him. He lets go of her hand and walks out of the room.


Next time you ought to be home and have the dinner ready for when I come back home from work.

He pauses.


There is a plate for you there. But you don’t like fish and it’s probably cold by now.

Joy is surprised and smiles happily, she lets go of her bag an runs after Berris.

JOY. (O.C.)

No, I do, I do love fish, and I’m sure it’s gonna stay warm for a long time.

Jinx sits on the floor.


The cupboard is left open with the light on, the coats are colorful and the hanger left empty before had now a

Script by Francesco Carreri

Go Your Own Way

Draft 1



Francesco Maria Carreri

Adapted from

’A Cupboard Full of Coats’

by Yvvette Edwards



Lemon, a heavy caribbean man well into the second half of

his life, is sitting on the couch. He has the confidence and

calm of a man who’s seen alot in his life, but always looks

on the bright side. Jinx, a slight woman in her early 30s,

is cleaning the room, furtive and apparently anxious about

something. It already looks clean but she’s taking care of

every single detail.


it looks fine to me


I like it when it’s clean


so you do like it

Jinx looks at Lemon with a sort of annoyed face, then looks

around and nods


I’m sure it’s going to make a good



of course it is, this place is the


Jinx seems to have noticed something and goes on to clean a



there’s always a lot of dust

here, it would be so much easier

if there wasn’t so much stuff


Lemon looks at Jinx raising his eyebrows


30 years of useless stuff. Why this

huge bookshelf in the living room

when she barely ever read?


She liked detective novels


They don’t count as reading




You know the story of that

bookshelf, right?

Jinx doesn’t answer


Well, your Mum went to buy it at-






I can’t remember when he’s coming.

He told me on the phone but I can’t


Lemon looks at her again and then away. As Lemon keeps on

cleaning the two get lost in their own thoughts for a

moment. Suddenly Lemon starts chuckling to himself. Jinx

spins round.




I just got to thinking about that

party, you know the one after

Brandon’s wedding?


Who’s Brandon again?


You remember, when.. what was his

name.. oh God (laughs) he was near

passed out with boozin’, all on the

floor singin his big lungs out

Lemon laughs heartily to himself, then frowns


(to himself)

Just what was the old fella’s name?

You were there, you must remember

the guy’s name.


I don’t even remember that



Lemon looks at Jinx and shakes his head


Jinx and Lemon are in the room, with them Gareth, the estate



So, what do you think?


it’s perfect

Jinx smiles


Were you thinking of leaving the

furniture or not?


Yes, I’m leaving everything here,



Oh that’s great, I love the feeling

of the place, really old style.


Yeah, too old for me.

Jinx does a kind of fake nervous laugh


It’s all from the 70s, my friend

Hank made most of the things. He

was a smart guy, do you remember

him Jinx?

Jinx’s laugh dies away.


Yeah I do


So it was all handmade by the same



Oh yes.




That’s amazing, the guy was a real



Yeah, a good guy he was

Gareth’s phone rings, he answers


I’m sorry, I have to take this

Gareth takes a few steps away from them to take the call


(on phone)

What? They’re pulling out? Oh for

Christ’s Sake!…

Gareth is furious. An awkward silence between Lemon and

Jinx, then Lemon smiles out of nowhere as if he’s just

remembered something funny and turns to Jinx


That guy Hank was really a clever

guy, he made it all by himself,

that bookshelf took 7 months to

build, did you know that?

Jinx nods but looks annoyed


…and when he finally-

Lemon is interrupted by Gareth screaming


It’s just not on Terry, I’m not

having this kind of bullshit!

Lemon looks at Jinx, he finds the situation kind of amusing


No, no, look, I’ve got clients,

we’ll sort out this bloody mess

when I’m back in the office.


Gareth comes back and turns to Lemon and Jinx as if nothing

has happened.




Sorry about that.. now, where were


Silence. Lemon and Jinx exchange glances


So, why don’t we talk numbers. Now

I’ll need to get a surveyor in

before I can give a firm quote, but

between you and me I think you

could be looking at 500 grand,

minus VAT.




Let’s sit

Gareth lays out some papers. Lemon looks at Jinx, for the

first time he looks apprehensive.


So here’s the breakdown… that’s

how much you’ll pay in stamp

duty… Of course, the property

isn’t actually on the market yet,

but once the surveyor’s been round,

there’s no going back!

Gareth makes a theatrical face and laughs. Jinx laughs




Jinx still sounds a little hesitant but firm at the same

time, as if she’s accepting a mission she knows she might

not survive but has to accept anyway. Gareth looks at Jinx

and the document, then turns away and notices the bookshelf



This bookshelf is really something

Lemon smiles


Yes, Hank made that too. Great guy.

Jinx’s Mum loved reading books,

mostly about killing and cops,

stuff like that, after a while she




LEMON (cont’d)

got so many that Frank just made

her this huge bookshelf


I see… it’s a terrific piece of



You know a lot about these kind of



Well I deal with furniture every

day so yes, you could say so.

Gareth makes a kind of disturbing smile and turns back to

the bookshelf. Picks up a random book and chuckles


These books have some spectacular


Gareth’s phone rings again, Gareth puts the book down and

rolls his eyes



Gareth goes off again to take the call and we hear him from

the next room


(on phone)

Yeah?! What the fuck?! No, no just

tell him that… (shouting like

hell) fucking listen to me Terry!

Gareth turns back to call to Jinx and Lemon. They are both

looking pretty unimpressed. Gary acts like nothing is wrong


Sorry folks, won’t be a minute

He turns back around. Lemon turns to Jinx


Jinx, are you really going to go

through with this? Because you

know, if you go to Manchester – for

God knows why – me and Sharon will

only be able to come and see you

maybe once a mont-



Jinx is looking at the bookshelf kind of hypnotized. She

stands up and goes to get the book that Gareth left on the

table and looks at it, it’s a ridiculous pulp criminal tale

with a crazy cover and title, she looks at it and hands it

to Lemon


She used to read the craziest stuff


Yeah she loved her detectives and

gangsters, it’s all she talked


We can still hear Gareth shout from the other room but not

that much. Lemon hands the book back to Jinx and she puts it

back on the shelf


It is really beautiful

Lemon looks at Jinx with a curious look, but different from

the one he had at the beginning, he doesn’t seem worried

Gareth enters the room


I’m sorry about this, we’ve got a

bit of an emergency back at the



I’ve Noticed


I just need to go to my car and get

some documents, make a phone call

and I’ll be back with no

interruptions, I promise

Jinx doesn’t really seem to care and says without even



OK, no problem


Thank you, I’m very sorry about


Gareth leaves the house, there’s just Jinx and Lemon left,

Lemon goes to sit, Jinx stays there, standing up, she’s not

looking at anything




That guy… I mean he’s not very

professional, that’s all I’m gonna

say. I mean, I would have just…

Jinx turns to Lemon


I remember the name of the guy


What guy?


The guy, the guy at the party, his

name was Jordan

Lemon smiles


Oh yeah, sure, Jordan, what a

guy… how could I not remember


Jinx smiles




Flashback: Jordan, a small, fat man is lying drunk on the

floor under the bookshelf. With his eyes shut and a big

smile on his face he sings, head tilted back, chest puffed

out. In the background we hear a few drunken conversations

and a few men laughing hysterically at Jordan, calling his