Tuesday 28th January 2014



Andrea – Director / Screen Writer
Simone – Creative Producer
Katie – Assistant Producer
Yasmin – Production Manager
Carla – Cinematographer
Norman – Focus Puller
Daniyel – Clapper Loader
Freddy – Key Grip
Florence – Electrician 1
Alex – Electrician 2
Beatrice – First Assistant Director
Julie – Editor
Thomas – Sound Recordist
Alex S – Composer/ Sound Designer
Zou Zou – Boom Operator
Ken – Set Builder
Meg – Set Dressing
Nicola – Set Dressing
Aleksandra – Set Decorator
Tuesdy – Props Master
Aida – Props Maker
Reanne – Costume Designer
Nada – Wardrobe Supervisor
Annette – Gaffer


Place of meeting:



Andrea, Nada, Nicola, Reanne, Meg, Andree

Person(s) Missing:

Simone, Katie, Yasmin, Carla, Norman, Daniyel, Freddy, Annette,Florence, Beatrice, Nicole, Julie, Thomas, Zou Zou, Alex S, Aleksandra, Tuesdy, Ken.


Today we met for a discussion on the script and have all been told that we would be receiving the second draft within the same week. We went through the script and had the opportunity to ask any questions and point out any queries in which we had after reading the script as this again was sent out in an email. The Directors questions to us was if we could use specific object on set and if specific effects would be permitted whilst on set. For example, Steaming hot water and having our character chop up vegetables. 
We also went over everybody’s roles and made sure everyone knew what it is they were doing. Everyone had been assigned a task and mine was to team up with my Costume Designer (Reanne) and go hunting for items which we could potentially use on the day and visit charity shops etc and take pictures of them to present to the rest of the group by the next meeting date. I was to look for an outfit for Lemon and also think about Hair and Make up. The Director wants Jynx to look exhausted but as though she has made an effort to dress up. This means the Hair and Make up would have to contrast from the Style of clothing that we dress her in. I.e simple make up and beautiful short skirts with African printed designer top.

Goals for next meeting:

For our next group gathering, we were told we will be meeting our lighting director so they could give us a clearer idea as to what the aesthetics to this film will be like. Our lighting director also wants to know what and whom they are working with so they can make sure they choose the right sort of lights to contrast well with the objects, the characters, the clothes and pretty much everything else on set. Our aim is to create most character from lighting so a meeting with our lighting director is crucial.
We have organized this meeting for the following Thursday at 16.00pm at the same location because from everyone that was there in the meeting, this was the only day everyone could make. In regards to anyone else who had missed the meeting, they would be contacted about this. We have also been told that we would be able to find out our day of shooting by the following Friday. We will know which actors we are working with by the following Monday, meaning we could speed up the measuring process.

My Thoughts:

I am very excited to go out and research more on different styles and potential clothes we could use for the show. The only inconvenience is we have not been given any characters yet so we can not buy anything until we measure our characters and buy the right things. Also, not everyone showed up to today’s meeting finding it difficult to listen and understand anyone else’s opinions. However, I feel this meeting was very productive and I feel like I understand my role in this better now.


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