Wednesday 19th February 2014


Andrea – Director / Screen Writer
Simone – Creative Producer
Katie – Assistant Producer
Yasmin – Production Manager
Carla – Cinematographer
Norman – Focus Puller
Daniyel – Clapper Loader
Freddy – Key Grip
Florence – Electrician 1
Alex – Electrician 2
Beatrice – First Assistant Director
Julie – Editor
Thomas – Sound Recordist
Alex S – Composer/ Sound Designer
Zou Zou – Boom Operator
Ken – Set Builder
Meg – Set Dressing
Nicola – Set Dressing
Aleksandra – Set Decorator
Tuesdy – Props Master
Aida – Props Maker
Reanne – Costume Designer
Nada – Wardrobe Supervisor
Annette – Gaffer

Place of meeting:
Lower Cafè

Andrea, Nada, Nicola, Tuesdy, Reanne, Meg

Person(s) Missing:
Simone, Katie, Yasmin, Carla, Norman, Daniyel, Freddy, Annette,Florence, Beatrice, Nicole, Julie, Thomas, Zou Zou, Alex S, Tuesdy, Aleksandra and Ken.

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In today’s meeting, we discussed as a group what we could do about the small brown table ready for filming on Monday. We still had not found a solution for this. We also realized that we couldn’t use most of the props we wanted to use as they had some sort of dairy in them and one of our actors is allergic so they were not allowed to be near any.

Another thing we discussed was the Wardrobe. This got me extremely frustrated as the Director has changed her mind once again and this being a few days before shooting. She decided she no longer wanted the actress dressed in a top with African prints on it but in all black as the character initially works in undertaking. So she wants it to be an option that our Actress is dressed in all black. Another suggestion she made, was having her wear a floral dress instead and wearing pointy men’s shoes. I told her that I didn’t think it was a good idea at all as it wasn’t 80’s but she insisted this is what she wanted so I agreed to give her options along with my Costume designer Reanne.

We briefly went through everything and went through our check list of props and costume we were going to bring in, ready to shoot for Monday. Considering we didn’t have much option with budget as our Director had mentioned that we have no money for costume, I had explained we could not provide shoes unless it came from the Actress. I called up my actress and gave a description of the shoes we’d wanted. She didn’t have any of her own so I had to bring in my own shoes as we had no budget and no choices.

My Thoughts on today:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         All in all, I feel like my director knew exactly what she wanted everything to look like. However, her research was very poor. She was asking for particular items without any background knowledge as to where anything comes from. An example of this was at the beginning of this project when she asked for an African printed top that was all in silk material. The first thing that came to my mind was there was noway we would find silk for cheap, especially when we had no budget. The second thing was that Africans didn’t own silk factories. Silk was from India and Cotton came from Africa. So it was difficult for me to understand how this would be accomplished.

My Director is extemely picky with every detail and always asks for more than what we can provide especially with an extremely low budget. The fact that she changes her mind last minute at every meeting, actually makes me happy. Directors will always change things and there are loads of different kinds. Some will want it their way only and others leave it up to you to do your job. The reason the way she is makes me happy, is because I am able to challenge myself to work and provide in such short notice. It’s really good practice for the industry and I am now able to test my abilities to see how quick I can work.

This has been our last meeting until we actually start filming so we prepared, organised and now all know exactly what we should be doing and the times we are called in for. We are now all ready for shooting.


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