Film Day – My Role

Today was quite interesting. I expected it to be a long day of just waiting around and problems elevating with last minute issues but in fact, it ran so smoothly. I had 3 roles in this group too. I have learnt a lot alone from today disregarding the fact that I was only able to meet my group for the first time a week before the shoot day. Here is a more detailed explanation of today..

For this film, I had the roles of doing wardrobe (also most of costume), Hair and all the make up. I was asked for 3 different looks and had to accomplish this in a little amount of time given before the filming. My Director wanted the following:


Berris also known as Nick – to be dressed smartly but rough, make up to be camera ready only, hair gelled back.


Jinx also known as Mary – to be dressed in house clothing, simple make up and hair to be out in an afro style.


Joy also known as Vanessa – to be dressed in 80s clothing, make up to look like she has made an effort but tired and hair in 80s curls.

In the Make up, Hair and Costume department everything ran smoothly. I was working along side my Costume person Mateea. She helped me prepare the clothes, wash them and make sure they were looked after. She also assisted me with make up as I only got 20 minutes to get everyone dressed, do their hair and all of their make up. I felt like this was a continuous vibe throughout the whole crew and everyone was working as a team. Everybody was helping with roles that they were not assigned and I think that is exactly what a crew/team should do.

For my Actors, from the description I was given from my Director, I decided not to use any heat products as in the 80s they mostly stuck to natural and sophisticated hair do’s. I used creams and serum’s for my female actresses to emphasise their natural curls. For my Actor, I decided to slick back his hair with Gel that was easily washable (Pink) and brush it backwards as Lemon as a character is quite handsome and looks after himself very well.

For the Make up, I washed all the brushes the night before, prepared for my Actors and made sure everything was hygienic and ready to use. As they all had different skin colours, I had asked them all to bring up a simple base foundation or concealer of their choice just as a backup. I bought some colours from Mac as they have various different colours for all different types of complexion’s. I didn’t use this from the budget money as I wanted to personally achieve the looks I gave to my actresses and perfect them. When I was done with the products, I let my actresses keep the make up. I used basic camera make up for all my actors. I wanted them to all have a natural flawless finish to them so it would look good on camera and I think I achieved this very well.

After browsing through various different dresses, I finally found a perfect hire Mateea and I found from ALRA and it fit Vanessa perfectly. We added a big beige fur coat on top along with shoes that the Actress bought herself. So for her character, we didn’t spend any money at all.

For Mary, Mateea brought in her own tracksuit bottoms and our actress was able to bring in her own T-shirt and slippers. For this, we didn’t spend money on anything either.

For Nick, His whole outfit was hired from ALRA and he had brought in his own shoes so again, for all of the actors we didn’t spend a penny which is very good budget wise. I think this film group was one of the best groups to not spend all of the budget on the clothes.  In the end, I was very happy with the aesthetic sides of the final shoot.

The actors looked exactly how I wanted them to look and I had a LOT of fun finding all the different outfits and being able to dress up my actors however I wanted. My director gave me no limits so I was able to really express myself freely and creatively. The only cons for this film was the lack of organisation and last minute decisions. However, this way we were able to perfect everything and learn how to make important decisions and see how this can affect anything else.


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