Life In Dalston – 80s

Life In Dalston - 80s

Alan Denney, New Background Gallery – Dalston in the 70S/80S, 24/10/2011, Accessed 24/02/2014,

After taking a walk around in Dalston, I started exploring the history of the architechture and admiring at the same time. I have lived near Dalston for a while now and I had never noticed its beauty and history until I stopped and went on a search for buildings that may still be built from the 70s or 80s.

A little after my trip to Dalston, I was able to meet with a friend of mine and her mother who lives in Dalston now and was there during the 70s and 80s period. We met in Angel, Starbucks and I was able to interview her with a few curious questions about houses in those periods to get a clearer image of how I would potentially want to decorate the set for my film. I was also curious as to what they wore during those times and how culture affected everything. Here is the interview..

1. How old were you in the 70s/80s and what is your heritage?

2.What was the Atmosphere like in the streets of Dalston on a typical day?

3.What did the buildings look like during the 70s/80s?

4. How much did Culture affect people’s individual lives?

5. In your home, What did your Room, Living room & Kitchen look like in the 70s/80s?

6.What was a common trend for people to have in their houses in Dalston?

7. How did people dress on a typical day in Dalston in those times?

8. What did people do for entertainment, was it all based in Dalston?

9. What was it like to study in the 70s/80s in Dalston?

10. Was there a problem with White and Black people mixing?


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