Today was a practice run through with the Actors, Script writer, Director, Producer and one of the camera men. Myself and Mateea (Costume) volunteered to come in because we wanted to make sure that we knew how it was going to look and also wanted to get a chance to try and get a fitting when possible. We wanted to make sure we were ready for filming in the next two days.

It was good to see the actors in action and see the type of movements they were having to do to see how the clothes would suit them. As I analysed this, I realised Berris’ character would have to have his sleeves rolled up as he didn’t look as engaged in the scene as he was suppose to. By opening up his shirt and rolling his sleeves up, it made him look more active and a little aggressive. Another thing I realised was that we would need an extra prop by the door for when Jinx takes her fur jacket off. So they added this in.


After being the first time I’d actually met up with my team, I realised there was no log for meetings or source sheet so I took pictures and details of everything hired and made a source sheet. I’d also noticed there were no shoes for Joy, so I asked her to bring 3 different options with her when possible. After getting her to try on her dress, we realised the dress was not of a right fit. So the day before filming, I had to go out and find a perfect dress that fit.

That following day, I went to Primark in Tottenham Court Rd as I knew there would be loads of different options for dresses, but realised that my director didn’t want anything with a lot of patterns nor anything above knee length. However, all the dresses I found were knee length and above. The only dress I found that went above the knee was a red floral dress, which I couldn’t pick out either as my Director gave me strict instructions to not go for anything red or orange. I later found a knee length summery yellow dress which I had bought for £13 as we had no other choice. Little did we realise, when we got to the Green room there were extra ensembles and dresses that had been brought as extra. When we had a look through, we saw a beautiful longer length green dress which was perfect for the role.

Being a part of this rehearsal and being able to sneak in a quick fitting before the shoot, made me feel so much more better about filming on the day as we had all our outfits together and sorted. All was left to do was take them home and hand wash them from the smells and all would be ready for shooting the next day.



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