Film Day – Evaluation

Today, our call time was at 8.00am. We met in the café for a brief meeting as to how the day was going to go through and a little inspirational words from our Producer Simone. An hour later, we made our way to the studio to set up and prepare for our filming. The actors were later brought into the room, fully dressed in their costumes and ready for hair and make up. Our Actress was very difficult to work with as she was not happy with her hair and wouldn’t let anybody touch it. Therefore meaning my partner Reanne, could not do her hair. In the industry, this would not happen. Hairstylists would kindly be asked to change the style if possible. Unless it was a very important reason, whatever the hairdresser delivers, the actor or actress must accept.

When she was done with her hair, I added dark make up under her eyes to make her look tired but added a bright orange colour to match her clothes and make it look like she has still tried to make an effort. As time was running out for Make Up, as I was doing my actress’ make up a BAF student took over and done Lemon’s make up for me. The extra help was exactly what I needed and we were thankfully able to be ready in time.


We were finally sorted and Simone our producer was briefing them on what they will be doing throughout the day, going over any allergies to foods they may have. The rest of the BAF students were setting up the kitchen and asked us to wait in the gallery out of the way. When everything was ready and they were about to start shooting, Tuesdy (Props Master) and myself stood in with them to take a couple of pictures and just watch how they were working but as soon as we did, the floor manager told us to empty out the studio as they only wanted the people whom were doing something, inside. We waited in the gallery for them to get themselves together and and returned after an hour, However we received the same response until we had a talk with the BAF student’s c0urse leader.

When finally allowed on set, they were extremely quite and focused and I could completely understand why they did not want anyone on set. This film group paid a humongous attention to detail. There was a lot more action from this director but even more from our producer. When doing a take, they counted every second and were always on time and able to tell whether they were loosing time or had lots to work with. They gave enough time in the call sheet to add shots that needed re-doing. They worked very quickly when working on setting up the cameras again. When there was play back, there was atleast 7 different people making sure it looked good whereas in my other film, there was only one person sat behind the screen controlling the exposure etc. It was very interesting watching this group work completely the opposite to how my last group worked.

When we had wrapped, our producer made sure everyone was still there. We helped take out the set, remove the Vinyl off of the cupboards and changed over the floors. We carried out everything and liaised with the new art director to see how we could help. We helped the new group set up the whole kitchen. This was including props, dressing, decorating etc. We helped this group with everything the group before us didn’t help us with because we knew exactly how frustrating it could get when you didn’t get the help you need.

In terms of people and their roles, I think our director was incredibly precise with detail and knew exactly what she wanted from the very start. Unfortunately, this was only the aesthetic sides of things in the kitchen and cinematography. With Costume and Wardrobe I don’t feel like I was able to express myself creatively at all. She changed her mind at every moment about what she wanted and I could tell that the research she had done was quite poor as she thought African and Caribbean culture was the same. I did out speak my opinion on this but she disregarded this and continued to disuse any of my work or items I picked out for the cast to actually wear. I found out really difficult working with my director Andrea, however I have a great level of respect for her as she knows what she wants and will not let anyone else change her mind about what it is she wants.

Other people on set such as my producer Simone, was very friendly. She was easy to talk to and very understanding to many different situations. She kept us hard working, motivated and happy to be a part of the team. She was a very good team player and acted very professional. I really enjoyed her company on this film and creativity. As for everyone else, the film felt very much like a professional environment. Everyone was focused and worked extremely well with each other. I was happy to be a part of this.

Something I really enjoyed about today was the team work. For once, I actually felt like I was a part of a team. Everyone was comforting and worked really hard. There was nothing but firm clear instructions throughout, alerting us on time and when to be ready. The great attention to detail had me very impressed, making the film look very nice. One more thing I was extremely proud of was that we had finished half an hour earlier than our wrap time. Meaning, the more prepared and organised you are the more likely things are going to run smoothly and work out your way in the end.

Things that went wrong or I disliked about today was the very beginning when nobody could get ready on time and werent in the positions they were suppose to be even after yelling clear instructions. This got to a lot of people and I began to see the frustration between everyone. Another let down about today was that they had to keep doing takes as all the extra sound was being picked up. One last thing would have to be not being allowed onto the set to take pictures of everything or even watch the BAF students as they worked. But I completely understand as it was getting very tense in the studio.

I have learnt that you always need to keep your cool no matter what kind of stress you are under, especially on production. You are surrounded by a lot of people that are able to help you out whenever things go wrong. It is ok to make mistakes as long as it is a learning curve. I know it is important to make sure you stay in reach of every responsibility given to you. If you are directed to meet an instruction, you must accomplish this as best as you can. Not everyone will agree with your choices but sometimes you have to work to what a director wants and desires and you just have to respect that they know what they are doing. I have proved this as I trusted in my director and when we had finished, everything looked absolutely beautiful.


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