Reflection on Feedback

I asked both my producer and director to give me feedback on how I worked on this project as I would like to reflect to see how I can improve my job when doing jobs like this again. I would also like to know my strengths. By having two different statements to reflect off of, there are more things to pick up on so I am able to get opinions from two different perspectives which is better for me as a learner.

After asking my director she said:

“As a wardrobe supervisor, Nada has fulfilled her duties on time and accurately, moreover she undertook the role of make up artist and hair dresser showing in this way her commitment to the project. I believe she needs a confidence boost in her work which she will eventually acquire with future experiences.” – Alice Murgia.

I agree with the statement above as I really do want to prove how much I am capable of doing. I want to show all the different skills I have, to show how much of an asset I can be when working with me. I aimed to be a good team player and I was able to prove this to my director.

In terms of my confidence, I think the only reason it came across as I didn’t have much confidence in my work is because I had to enquire everything with the Director before I changed something. I didn’t want to make any decisions without the Director’s permission as in my previous group, my other director was quite strict with discussing everything I did with her first. I completely understand where she is coming from and next time I will be more stable with whatever job role I am given and make decisions for myself.

I asked my Producer to send me feedback too and she said:

“On the House Project : On The Doorstep, Nada’s task was to take care of the costumes and make up for the actors. On set she managed to get her task done well and in time. Being very calm and friendly to everyone she even proposed to buy the actors some candies, when they had low energy. Nada was a very efficient and likeable person to work with – Anna Briand Creative Producer on “On the Doorstep”

This statement made me very happy and I am glad to have made an impression on the crew I was working with. However, when I asked if there was anything I could improve on or that I could have changed she replied with nothing. So this statement felt a little biased as it was not a healthy balance of pros and cons. I do appreciate that the BAF students were able to see my effort and work when I was working on my role and I have nothing but respect for the both of them as I felt comfortable around them and had fun on the day of filming.


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