Rules to follow when Filming.

As I arrived to both of my films, we met up as a group and discussed the times of how long each shot should take. We also met with Candida, who briefed us on some of the rules when filming..

– We must always help each other out no matter what our role is. (Be pro active)

– You must stay in the Gallery unless you’re Wardrobe or Costume.

– Actors to use Green Room to get ready for Hair and Make Up.

– Teach yourself something new, Study the other students as they work.

– Be aware of how your role may affect others so you must work as a team for everything.

– Bags should all be left in the Gallery and out of the way.

– No one ever leaves without the permission of the Director/Producer.

– You must help pack away and help the next group set up when wrapped.

– Rotate every half an hour, two at a time into the studio.

– Phones must always be on aeroplane mode as it interferes with the technology.

– Absoloute silence on set as sound is easily picked up.

– ALWAYS clean your area when you’ve finished, ready for the next group.

These basic rules are so essential to follow when you’re on set to film. Following these rules avoid time loss and gains productivity!


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