The ALRA Trip

The ALRA Trip

Wikipedia, ALRA, Accessed 01/03/2014,

Today we got the opportunity to go to ALRA which stands for the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. They had allowed for us to visit their site, having access to all their costumes and clothes and allowed for us to Hire it for free. There were so many options when we arrived and we were allowed as many items as we wanted. The only problem is, is that we haven’t yet met our actors so we didn’t know sizes or how things would look together. Also, because my Director for HUMDRUM was very specific with her choices, we could not find exactly what it is we needed. We decided to take back a variety of things and options in case our Director was happy to use them. For On The Doorstep, we found some beautiful fur coats to choose from. We also found a perfect pair of old Levi Jeans and some old shirts we could take back.

Despite getting this opportunity to Hire out free clothes, I feel like I still have a lot of research and buying to do. Not everything is available especially when we’re looking for specific items. I plan to visit various different charity shops for options and to browse and see if I can find what I am looking for i.e Snake skin mens shoes. Another reason I feel like I cannot do anything about this situation, research wise is because we have not yet met our actors so we have no idea what they look like, nor do we have any measurements for any of them so I have to be patient and wait to meet my actors before I can go out and buy something.

The only clothes that I’ve managed to find everything for from ALRA, is for the On The Doorstep production. We only needed a few items and we have found them all, excluding shoes which can be easily resolved by either the actors bringing their own or buying a pair as we haven’t spent any money so far on costume and wardrobe.


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