My Role Description

Wardrobe Supervisor

Wardrobe supervisor’s are referred to as Costume supervisors most of the time. A wardrobe supervisor’s main focus is Shoes, Accessories, Bags etc. They often Liaise with the whole of the Art department, The Producer, The Director and any of the main crew but most of all the Costume designer. They make decisions together and work closely with one another. They are also in charge of continuity and must make sure nothing changes throughout shooting.

The role require’s extreme organisation, planning and scheduling. On the day of the shoot, they are in charge of making sure all items from Costume and Wardrobe are ready such as ironing, washed and prepared. The clothes must be labelled and prepared. They must manage all items and make sure Hired outfits are returned in one piece.

The role also includes being able to work hard under pressure and be able to find solutions to last minute changes. You should be prepared in knowing what form of transport you will need, to deliver the goods and should make sure that you are all prepared. They work with all the designers and costume to negotiate budget and must have good communication skills as without it, the whole production could go wrong.

Costume Designer

A Costume Designer’s role is very similar. Costume designers, must do a lot of research on the actual script of the production and pay close attention to all the details. When working on TV, they must assure that they are aware of all the changes especially as they will have to put together and outfit that matches the situation correctly. They must also do a lot of research in costume itself and have a good background of what fits the brief, according to the time of the theme of the production.

Having an understanding of clothes in different Era’s will help with assuring they pick the correct outfits. In depth, they must research different colours, different styles and all the different materials too. When they have gathered all their pieces together, they must work closely with the Wardrobe designer to assure that they are all on the same page and deliver their ideas to the Director to get confirmation on all of the looks. This can also be done before hand by sketches of examples of how your actors/ess will look.

Specific records are kept to ensure everything used is restored and budget is being used appropriately. They should always be on set on stand by along with the Wardrobe designer in case anything should go wrong. They are required to have great time management, organisational and planning skills and must be able to work well to deadlines. They look after Actors, Actresses and extras if necessary.

Hair and Make Up

The Hair and Make Up department are also responsible for most of the aesthetic qualities in a production. If the main cast of a production do not look like they fit in with the brief, this could be difficult for the final thing. They should have great communication skills and be able make the people they are working on feel comfortable. They must also work closely with the Costume and Wardrobe department, assuring the looks they are going to create work well with all the costumes.

It is important that the hair and Make Up have also done their research on different looks and styles of both hair and Make Up and are able to create both a glamorous look and a toned down look. When working in Hair and Make Up there are usually two or three people working in this so that they are able to work on one person at a time and speed the process up by getting both the Hair and Make up completed at the same time.


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