My First film to be shot was On The Door Step. In this film I felt like I was allowed as much creative input as I wanted. I was able to make a lot of the decisions, making most of the pre production more organised. I was calm throughout the whole process for this group and had so much fun taking part in it. I didn’t feel nervous, stressed or constricted because the Director trusted my work strongly. She let me have input in most things and even asked for my opinion on things that weren’t in my department. I didn’t have a section which I enjoyed the most because I enjoyed the whole journey of pre production and film day.

The pre production for me, was the hardest bit of the project for this group. This was because, the Director I was working with was very specific and precise about what it was she wanted. She was challenging to work for as she kept changing her mind continuously throughout and more towards the day of the shoot. She even made some last minute decisions on the day of the shoot. However, the shooting went by so smoothly as it was extremely organised and everyone was prepared for it. We managed to finish half an hour earlier than the actual wrap time.

The difference between the two was that one was that my first film was more laid back, prepared but less strict with specific rules whereas my second film was not. This made me feel very unprepared and startled as I was not used to the working level of my second film HUMDRUM. Everything was more strict and every decision had to be put by the Director first. My first film was ok with times and didn’t ask for us to come in until 9.30 whereas my second film I had to be there for 8am which was extremely early. I arrived 10 minutes late and I got into serious talks with the Director as I couldn’t get the make up all ready in time for the time she requested. This changed everything and I felt like I lost all opportunity of impressing my Director. If  I knew that all Directors worked differently and you need to be able to adapt to every type, I would have rushed when making my way in the morning.

If I had to choose one which I preferred, I would pick On The Door Step. I felt like it could be both professional as well as fun. It should always be about the experience and learning new things which you were enjoying. The first production On The Door Step gave me that opportunity. I was not afraid of asking questions and I was able to be as creative as I wanted to be. Although the other production was very organised, I felt like the Director was doing all the work and I was more of a runner. I didn’t get to experience my role as  much as I did on my other production.

If I could change one thing about these two, it would be the preparation of the both. I spent more time in meetings with HUMDRUM because there was a mix up in all the groups and I didn’t realise I was assigned to three groups. Also, I didn’t meet with the ‘On The Door Step’ group until the week of filming which meant I had to work very quick but I didn’t mind. I would have just wanted more meetings and prep with them as they seemed very active and fun to work around.

Overall, I really enjoyed both productions. I have learnt many different things from both of the productions and how different people work when organised and laid back. This has given me a different experience in group work too. Sometimes you will have to work with people you do not get on with but somehow it is ok. It all works out better because you want to prove your place on a production and show how good you can work and when you both are able to do this, it makes the team stronger and work well together. You are a good example to the rest of the team.


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