Now this was my final group in working for this activity. This was a very interesting one because my groups and roles were confused and I didn’t realise I was in this group until again a week before the film date. This group was by far the MOST unorganised group I have worked with. Although my Art Director contacted me before, I was replacing her on another film so I thought that the emails I was receiving was for that. After a while, Danni our project leader assistant had noticed the lack of communication in this group and called an urgent group meeting. The only trouble is this was called on the day I was filming for one of my other productions so I was not able to attend.

I met the Director on one of my other films and asked if he could contact me and I had passed him an email so I am ready for the shoot. As a director, I felt it was his job to add me to all the emails he was sending me and possibly even update me on what it is he wanted. I waited and hadn’t received any emails from him so I was completely oblivious to everything. My Role on this film was a Costume Designer which I was not informed by anyone nor did anyone from the group contact me. My Partner Alina has given me permission to use her research for my work book and write it out as though we have both worked on this together but I refuse to use someone elses’ hard work and claim it as mine so I will evaluate how the day of filming went and drop the role I was given as I took part in no form of the pre production for this film.

On the day of the filming, we were asked to come in at 8am I made sure I was there at 7.30am so I could fit in as much extra help as I could. I helped our producer bring in the breakfast and hand it out. I met the actors for the first time and had words with the AD as to what she may need help with so she had me on standby the whole shoot. I done the actors’ make up and helped Alina dress them up. There were last minute issues such as clothes not fitting the actor which of course, could not be sorted before as there was no dress rehearsal because of the laziness of the director not making sure all his crew were prepared. I went out to buy some pins and adjusted most of the clothes.

When I had sorted everything out, there was nothing left for me to do although I was on standby so when I had the opportunity, I decided to talk to the BAF student to see what their roles were like and what it consisted of. I managed to speak to the sound people, the second AD and the young girl in charge of the Movie Clipper. All the other roles were far too busy working so I didn’t get the chance to talk to them. However, I was able to sit in the studio and watch the way they worked both alone and in a team.

SOUND                                                                                                                                                                              Sound are there to make sure there is a perfect balance between purity and clarity and all on a mutual level. There is a main one who works on a sound machine and he listens out for any extra background noise. There were also two people using boom’s to pick up everything the actors were saying. It picks up specific sounds even though they had mics attached to the actors.

MOVIE CLIPPER                                                                                                                                                            Ana was working on the Movie Clipper. She must use it on every scene and take, changing it on the board as they go along. This changes every time. Also, the sound of the clipboard is to help the editor distinguish where the beginning is on a take.

SECOND AD                                                                                                                                                                    The second AD is the Assistant Director. He mainly looks after the cast. He brings them on, makes sure everyone is there and contacts anyone that is not, he looks after them making sure they are ready for shooting, they are fed and watered and they are genuinely looked after on the shoot.

What I enjoyed most about this shoot was learning all the other different roles that we have not yet experienced and I liked watching everyone’s performances on the roles. On my other shoot I was assigned to one role so it was difficult to move away from that and watch how other people were performing. On this shoot I was able to walk around everywhere, ask a lot of questions, meet everyone else and do extra jobs as a runner. I helped in every department possible and even gave out directions as the art director was suppose to when we were setting up. I realised the fact that this group was so unorganised and nobody knew their roles, it gave me an opportunity to stand up and take charge because I didn’t want us all to sit down and have no part in this film. I gathered the art department together and assigned roles to everyone.

What I least enjoyed was the lack of communication from both the Director and Producer and how disorganised this group was. Nobody was ready and nobody knew what roles they were doing. This was good for me however, because I was able to take over nad learn how turn things around, even if it happens to be on the date of shooting.


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