Extra Visits

Today I decided to revisit all the locations mentioned in the book of ‘A Cupboard Full of Coats’. From reading the book, I have a visual idea of what everything looked like but being there in person changed everything. I got to visit Rio the cinema in which Jinx visits when she becomes older and takes her son for a trip to watch a film. I visited downs park and saw all the old houses on the road. I was able to take a walk down Hackney downs park which was a bigger park than I expected. The roads all down my journey were super long and I had no idea at all. It was spacious and beautiful to walk down somewhere knowing you have read about it and imagining all the events replay in my head. This was a great experience. I tried to talk to somebody to find out what the houses were like and what life was like in Dalston in the 80s, but nobody wanted to be interviewed and everyone else was in a rush. But just being there, gave me a good feeling and better understanding of the place.







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