I can not contact my Director as I do not have a number or email for him as there was poor communication throughout the process for this group so I asked one of the individuals in the art department to give me a brief paragraph of feedback on my performance. The person I asked was Cameron who worked in this group as props buyer but spent a lot of time receiving instructions from myself. This is what he said..

“Although I only saw Nada in production meetings. She applied her self whilst in production and really took control of difficult situations when there was no one else to co-ordinate, she took charge in clearing the previous set in order to speed up the turnaround for our set. She was always On hand to touch up make up and hair. I think Nada could improve on her patience as, at times whilst waiting around she became slightly agitated”

I am pleased that my crew member was able to see that I took charge when I saw things were not productive enough and we were running out of time. I do understand that I could be more patient, however I am so used to being productive and being busy that I did not know how to wait. 

Overall, I have learnt quite a bit from this shoot. 




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