Go Your Own Way


I can not contact my Director as I do not have a number or email for him as there was poor communication throughout the process for this group so I asked one of the individuals in the art department to give me a brief paragraph of feedback on my performance. The person I asked was Cameron who worked in this group as props buyer but spent a lot of time receiving instructions from myself. This is what he said..

“Although I only saw Nada in production meetings. She applied her self whilst in production and really took control of difficult situations when there was no one else to co-ordinate, she took charge in clearing the previous set in order to speed up the turnaround for our set. She was always On hand to touch up make up and hair. I think Nada could improve on her patience as, at times whilst waiting around she became slightly agitated”

I am pleased that my crew member was able to see that I took charge when I saw things were not productive enough and we were running out of time. I do understand that I could be more patient, however I am so used to being productive and being busy that I did not know how to wait. 

Overall, I have learnt quite a bit from this shoot. 





Now this was my final group in working for this activity. This was a very interesting one because my groups and roles were confused and I didn’t realise I was in this group until again a week before the film date. This group was by far the MOST unorganised group I have worked with. Although my Art Director contacted me before, I was replacing her on another film so I thought that the emails I was receiving was for that. After a while, Danni our project leader assistant had noticed the lack of communication in this group and called an urgent group meeting. The only trouble is this was called on the day I was filming for one of my other productions so I was not able to attend.

I met the Director on one of my other films and asked if he could contact me and I had passed him an email so I am ready for the shoot. As a director, I felt it was his job to add me to all the emails he was sending me and possibly even update me on what it is he wanted. I waited and hadn’t received any emails from him so I was completely oblivious to everything. My Role on this film was a Costume Designer which I was not informed by anyone nor did anyone from the group contact me. My Partner Alina has given me permission to use her research for my work book and write it out as though we have both worked on this together but I refuse to use someone elses’ hard work and claim it as mine so I will evaluate how the day of filming went and drop the role I was given as I took part in no form of the pre production for this film.

On the day of the filming, we were asked to come in at 8am I made sure I was there at 7.30am so I could fit in as much extra help as I could. I helped our producer bring in the breakfast and hand it out. I met the actors for the first time and had words with the AD as to what she may need help with so she had me on standby the whole shoot. I done the actors’ make up and helped Alina dress them up. There were last minute issues such as clothes not fitting the actor which of course, could not be sorted before as there was no dress rehearsal because of the laziness of the director not making sure all his crew were prepared. I went out to buy some pins and adjusted most of the clothes.

When I had sorted everything out, there was nothing left for me to do although I was on standby so when I had the opportunity, I decided to talk to the BAF student to see what their roles were like and what it consisted of. I managed to speak to the sound people, the second AD and the young girl in charge of the Movie Clipper. All the other roles were far too busy working so I didn’t get the chance to talk to them. However, I was able to sit in the studio and watch the way they worked both alone and in a team.

SOUND                                                                                                                                                                              Sound are there to make sure there is a perfect balance between purity and clarity and all on a mutual level. There is a main one who works on a sound machine and he listens out for any extra background noise. There were also two people using boom’s to pick up everything the actors were saying. It picks up specific sounds even though they had mics attached to the actors.

MOVIE CLIPPER                                                                                                                                                            Ana was working on the Movie Clipper. She must use it on every scene and take, changing it on the board as they go along. This changes every time. Also, the sound of the clipboard is to help the editor distinguish where the beginning is on a take.

SECOND AD                                                                                                                                                                    The second AD is the Assistant Director. He mainly looks after the cast. He brings them on, makes sure everyone is there and contacts anyone that is not, he looks after them making sure they are ready for shooting, they are fed and watered and they are genuinely looked after on the shoot.

What I enjoyed most about this shoot was learning all the other different roles that we have not yet experienced and I liked watching everyone’s performances on the roles. On my other shoot I was assigned to one role so it was difficult to move away from that and watch how other people were performing. On this shoot I was able to walk around everywhere, ask a lot of questions, meet everyone else and do extra jobs as a runner. I helped in every department possible and even gave out directions as the art director was suppose to when we were setting up. I realised the fact that this group was so unorganised and nobody knew their roles, it gave me an opportunity to stand up and take charge because I didn’t want us all to sit down and have no part in this film. I gathered the art department together and assigned roles to everyone.

What I least enjoyed was the lack of communication from both the Director and Producer and how disorganised this group was. Nobody was ready and nobody knew what roles they were doing. This was good for me however, because I was able to take over nad learn how turn things around, even if it happens to be on the date of shooting.

Script by Francesco Carreri

Go Your Own Way

Draft 1



Francesco Maria Carreri

Adapted from

’A Cupboard Full of Coats’

by Yvvette Edwards




Lemon, a heavy caribbean man well into the second half of

his life, is sitting on the couch. He has the confidence and

calm of a man who’s seen alot in his life, but always looks

on the bright side. Jinx, a slight woman in her early 30s,

is cleaning the room, furtive and apparently anxious about

something. It already looks clean but she’s taking care of

every single detail.


it looks fine to me


I like it when it’s clean


so you do like it

Jinx looks at Lemon with a sort of annoyed face, then looks

around and nods


I’m sure it’s going to make a good



of course it is, this place is the


Jinx seems to have noticed something and goes on to clean a



there’s always a lot of dust

here, it would be so much easier

if there wasn’t so much stuff


Lemon looks at Jinx raising his eyebrows


30 years of useless stuff. Why this

huge bookshelf in the living room

when she barely ever read?


She liked detective novels


They don’t count as reading




You know the story of that

bookshelf, right?

Jinx doesn’t answer


Well, your Mum went to buy it at-






I can’t remember when he’s coming.

He told me on the phone but I can’t


Lemon looks at her again and then away. As Lemon keeps on

cleaning the two get lost in their own thoughts for a

moment. Suddenly Lemon starts chuckling to himself. Jinx

spins round.




I just got to thinking about that

party, you know the one after

Brandon’s wedding?


Who’s Brandon again?


You remember, when.. what was his

name.. oh God (laughs) he was near

passed out with boozin’, all on the

floor singin his big lungs out

Lemon laughs heartily to himself, then frowns


(to himself)

Just what was the old fella’s name?

You were there, you must remember

the guy’s name.


I don’t even remember that



Lemon looks at Jinx and shakes his head


Jinx and Lemon are in the room, with them Gareth, the estate



So, what do you think?


it’s perfect

Jinx smiles


Were you thinking of leaving the

furniture or not?


Yes, I’m leaving everything here,



Oh that’s great, I love the feeling

of the place, really old style.


Yeah, too old for me.

Jinx does a kind of fake nervous laugh


It’s all from the 70s, my friend

Hank made most of the things. He

was a smart guy, do you remember

him Jinx?

Jinx’s laugh dies away.


Yeah I do


So it was all handmade by the same



Oh yes.




That’s amazing, the guy was a real



Yeah, a good guy he was

Gareth’s phone rings, he answers


I’m sorry, I have to take this

Gareth takes a few steps away from them to take the call


(on phone)

What? They’re pulling out? Oh for

Christ’s Sake!…

Gareth is furious. An awkward silence between Lemon and

Jinx, then Lemon smiles out of nowhere as if he’s just

remembered something funny and turns to Jinx


That guy Hank was really a clever

guy, he made it all by himself,

that bookshelf took 7 months to

build, did you know that?

Jinx nods but looks annoyed


…and when he finally-

Lemon is interrupted by Gareth screaming


It’s just not on Terry, I’m not

having this kind of bullshit!

Lemon looks at Jinx, he finds the situation kind of amusing


No, no, look, I’ve got clients,

we’ll sort out this bloody mess

when I’m back in the office.


Gareth comes back and turns to Lemon and Jinx as if nothing

has happened.




Sorry about that.. now, where were


Silence. Lemon and Jinx exchange glances


So, why don’t we talk numbers. Now

I’ll need to get a surveyor in

before I can give a firm quote, but

between you and me I think you

could be looking at 500 grand,

minus VAT.




Let’s sit

Gareth lays out some papers. Lemon looks at Jinx, for the

first time he looks apprehensive.


So here’s the breakdown… that’s

how much you’ll pay in stamp

duty… Of course, the property

isn’t actually on the market yet,

but once the surveyor’s been round,

there’s no going back!

Gareth makes a theatrical face and laughs. Jinx laughs




Jinx still sounds a little hesitant but firm at the same

time, as if she’s accepting a mission she knows she might

not survive but has to accept anyway. Gareth looks at Jinx

and the document, then turns away and notices the bookshelf



This bookshelf is really something

Lemon smiles


Yes, Hank made that too. Great guy.

Jinx’s Mum loved reading books,

mostly about killing and cops,

stuff like that, after a while she




LEMON (cont’d)

got so many that Frank just made

her this huge bookshelf


I see… it’s a terrific piece of



You know a lot about these kind of



Well I deal with furniture every

day so yes, you could say so.

Gareth makes a kind of disturbing smile and turns back to

the bookshelf. Picks up a random book and chuckles


These books have some spectacular


Gareth’s phone rings again, Gareth puts the book down and

rolls his eyes



Gareth goes off again to take the call and we hear him from

the next room


(on phone)

Yeah?! What the fuck?! No, no just

tell him that… (shouting like

hell) fucking listen to me Terry!

Gareth turns back to call to Jinx and Lemon. They are both

looking pretty unimpressed. Gary acts like nothing is wrong


Sorry folks, won’t be a minute

He turns back around. Lemon turns to Jinx


Jinx, are you really going to go

through with this? Because you

know, if you go to Manchester – for

God knows why – me and Sharon will

only be able to come and see you

maybe once a mont-



Jinx is looking at the bookshelf kind of hypnotized. She

stands up and goes to get the book that Gareth left on the

table and looks at it, it’s a ridiculous pulp criminal tale

with a crazy cover and title, she looks at it and hands it

to Lemon


She used to read the craziest stuff


Yeah she loved her detectives and

gangsters, it’s all she talked


We can still hear Gareth shout from the other room but not

that much. Lemon hands the book back to Jinx and she puts it

back on the shelf


It is really beautiful

Lemon looks at Jinx with a curious look, but different from

the one he had at the beginning, he doesn’t seem worried

Gareth enters the room


I’m sorry about this, we’ve got a

bit of an emergency back at the



I’ve Noticed


I just need to go to my car and get

some documents, make a phone call

and I’ll be back with no

interruptions, I promise

Jinx doesn’t really seem to care and says without even



OK, no problem


Thank you, I’m very sorry about


Gareth leaves the house, there’s just Jinx and Lemon left,

Lemon goes to sit, Jinx stays there, standing up, she’s not

looking at anything




That guy… I mean he’s not very

professional, that’s all I’m gonna

say. I mean, I would have just…

Jinx turns to Lemon


I remember the name of the guy


What guy?


The guy, the guy at the party, his

name was Jordan

Lemon smiles


Oh yeah, sure, Jordan, what a

guy… how could I not remember


Jinx smiles




Flashback: Jordan, a small, fat man is lying drunk on the

floor under the bookshelf. With his eyes shut and a big

smile on his face he sings, head tilted back, chest puffed

out. In the background we hear a few drunken conversations

and a few men laughing hysterically at Jordan, calling his