Overall, I feel as though I have gained extreme confidence in my time management and organisational skills throughout this task. I have experienced lack of direction in situations, during our film tasks and by this I have been able to progress my own skills by resolving the situations.

By completing my model tasks, I feel mentally prepared to recreate more with the knowledge gained throughout the construction and pre planning. Having classes on scale drawings and experimenting with different techniques also helped me practice my skills. I have accomplished a lot of different attributes that I thought were impossible and was able to realise the potential in my work.


Model Making

(All Documents are attached in workbook)

We had a few classes on scale drawings and how to do them. We were given a guideline room in which we had to copy and as we were drawing, we were being taught what the measurements are. We were taught to always measure in mm which then translated to meters in life size measurements. This works out easier when using a to scale ruler. We have been mainly working with the scales 1:25 and 1:50. 

I bought all the equipment needed for this such as the to scale ruler, a pencil when drawing, a trisquare, a cutting mat, glue and a scalpel. We were taught how to use all of them and how they would help with our drawings and even when developing our drawings. When drawing we were taught to always go over lines so we could find our exact meet point when cutting out our different measurements. We were then taught how to elevate our to scale drawings and even make 3D versions so we could start to see our plans visually. 

We practised drawing many different times and were handed foam board to start practising model making. I struggled very much with this but finally got the hang of it. We were taught how to use Sketch Up so we could draw up our ideas and plans on the web and have a 3D representation of our ideas. We were also taught how to correctly make windows for the models we had to make however, I missed this class and nobody was available to help me so I came up with my own strategies of how to make a window and calculate it right. 

I started working on my two model making sets. I started off by designing ideas on Sketch up and then made a to scale drawing. As soon as this was finished and I knew the measurements I wanted to use, I started creating these on the Foam board. I drew out my measurements and started to cut them out and put them together. I started off with my 1:50 model as this was the easiest option and I wanted to experiment before I started on my more detailed model. 





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