Month: January 2014

Summary Provided by Andrea (Director)

summaryg4Character 1 

Name: Jinx
Age: 31

Character 2

Name: Lemon
Age: 53




Tuesday 21st January 2014




Andrea – Director / Screen Writer
Simone – Creative Producer
Katie – Assistant Producer
Yasmin – Production Manager
Carla – Cinematographer
Norman – Focus Puller
Daniyel – Clapper Loader
Freddy – Key Grip
Florence – Electrician 1
Alex – Electrician 2
Beatrice – First Assistant Director
Julie – Editor
Thomas – Sound Recordist
Alex S – Composer/ Sound Designer
Zou Zou – Boom Operator
Ken – Set Builder
Meg – Set Dressing
Nicola – Set Dressing
Aleksandra – Set Decorator
Tuesdy – Props Master
Aida – Props Maker
Reanne – Costume Designer
Nada – Wardrobe Supervisor
Annette – Gaffer

Place of meeting:

LCC meeting room.


Andrea, Nada, Ken, Aleksandra, Nicola, Tuesdy, Reanne, Meg

Person(s) Missing:

Simone, Katie, Yasmin, Carla, Norman, Daniyel, Freddy, Annette,Florence, Beatrice, Nicole, Julie, Thomas, Zou Zou, Alex S.


Today we met for a discussion for the very first time as we have just been put into groups. We discussed the scene in which we would be working on for the filming. Our director also presented a short summary of how she wanted the aesthetics of the film to be accomplished. This was a great opportunity to exchange questions and have an idea of what we were working on. However, the Director did not know as much as I expected her to so we were unable to discuss specific things and have anything to work towards.
I suggested at the end of the meeting that we all stay in contact and if it was alright for me to take everybody’s emails to stay in touch. The director suggested we use Facebook which in my opinion, was very unprofessional as this is practice for our future and I insisted on emails as did everyone else in the group. I took everybody’s emails to keep a contacts list for future reference and communication and sent this onto the Director.

Goals for next meeting:

We are to be sent a script from the director and put a list together of all findings and research we may use in the actual filming and have it approved by the director first. For me, this would be anything wardrobe related. Also, to receive a little more information from the director as to what she needs.

My Thoughts:

From today’s meeting, I have discovered that our scene will be based in a kitchen in the 80s. The Kitchen is to feel extremely tight, almost claustrophobic. As there is a voice over representing her thoughts, Lemon is in the Kitchen with her cooking Soup. There is slow reggae playing in the back almost like a Sound Bed. The lighting is to be very dramatic. Some of the pictures of inspiration she showed us, pretty much gave us a good idea of what it is she wanted. She included a picture from famous Film Maker Pedro Almodovar as he uses a lot of dramatic lighting and personality in his films.
In terms of costume and wardrobe, she wanted Jinx dressed in something with an African pattern. A little ethnic, but in the style of the 90s. I could easily find something like this in a Thrift store which I will be visiting with my Costume designer (Reanne) and also on the look out for any jewellery I can find to go with it. My only concern with this, was my doubt in my director’s research. Although the book is about Black Culture from the 60s-80s, Jinx is Caribbean. Caribbean and African dress completely differently and have different morals as to what they can or can not wear. However, I will raise this with my Director in an email just to be clear. Lemon is to be dressed quite smart and in a hat.

One of my questions to the Director was, What chapter of the book she would prefer us to focus on. Her reply was Chapter 6, although she uses a lot of different things from all over the book so I will read the chapter again and highlight anything I think is important for our film.

Research / Trip to Geffrye Museum


Today I took a trip to the Geffrye Museum as it was highly recommended from my teachers that this would help with research and understanding the theme of the 50s – 90s better. This being of course within the subject of furniture, rooms etc and how they have evolved over the years. We were also set a small task to find one common object in some of the early era’s and how they are still used nowadays. I choose the themes of floor and how it has changed over time as well as being rotated in different Era’s. I studied each Era carefully and looked at the types of flooring they had because that was what I chose to focus on.

This was the first image I found and this was based on the 1970s. This had a wooden flooring along with a carpet on top. Unfortunately, there was not much description on flooring in this museum however my guess for this was that the carpet was used to stay warm in the winter and removed in the summer.


This living room was based in the 1990s so it was quite modern. Here they have a light coloured wooden floor layered all through except the stairs which are carpet but nonetheless, the whole flooring on here was wooden. This must be because it is easier to maintain.


This living room area was based in 1965. I saw that again this was light coloured wood. However, this was criss cross patterned along with traces of darker tones mixed in. There was a small rug on the floor too, which was like the 1970s but didn’t cover up the whole of the floor but a section.


This was based in the 1930s and it was all covered in a dark coloured carpet. In my opinion, I thought this looked very 80s because of the carpet and didn’t expect it at all. Although there was a carpet all over as flooring, there was still a rug. This must mean that it was very popular to have a rug in the living area regardless of what your flooring was.


This was based in the 1890s. This living area like the 1970s was all floor and a small carpet covering, but this wood was much darker and looked more dull.


This was based in the 1830s. This I found more intruiging and caught my eye. The layout of the flooring was all carpet but had browns that were the colour of wood flooring usually and was printed. It was bright, floral and looked very nice in comparison to all the other flooring. It suited the furniture and brought the room together.


This was one of the most interesting ones to me. This room was based in the 1970s and had a carpet, flooring and tiles. This was interesting because this was the only room to have any sort of tiles on the floor which I didn’t expect at all as I’d have thought years ago, tiles would be very popular. It had the mix of three which I thought may be used to show that whoever lives here had money to afford to have three different types of flooring in one room. Or it could mean the complete opposite. It looked a little messy and it was not something of my taste but I found it interesting.


This was set in 1745 and was all wood flooring. This was interesting too because the wood was very different. It was a merge of lighter and dark wood and didn’t have a specific pattern meaning that this could be what the wood originally looks like and they’ve not just changed it to look that way.


This one was set in 1695 and was extremely similar to the 1745 flooring. In fact, I believe the same type of wood was used for the flooring so this must have become popular again to be used all over for flooring again. It works very well with wooden furniture and makes the room look brighter.


The final room I looked at was based in 1630. This was all wooden covered flooring. In the middle it had a small rug just like the others, the only difference was that it was not a rug but looked like a hand man sewn rug made of of straw. People must have made these themselves to put on the floor as it was cheaper to make yourself then to buy a rug and also, was easier to maintain the floor when cleaning as they were broom friendly.


Refrencing for All Mood Boards

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My Individual Mood Board Explanation and Relation

I decided to scan through the book ‘A cupboard Full of Coats’ one last time to assure that I was almost referencing the pictures I chose for my Mood Board from the book and added some other inspirational pictures as well as expressing experimentations of my own. When making my individual mood I decided to focus on hair, wardrobe and make up as these would be the different roles I will be working on. I found pictures of hair and makeup that were mostly popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I added to my mood board as I read over A Cupboard full of coats again, assuring I was using the book as a reference in researching for the right thing. After reading and highlighting key description I added as much as I could to my mood board. I added the exact colour described in the book of eye shadow onto my mood board too. Here are all the descriptions I mainly focused on from the book..






Luckily, every film I have worked on included these descriptions so I knew exactly what to pick when being asked to go out and find items and looks that the actors would need for the day of the shooting.