A Cupboard full of Coats

Extra Visits

Today I decided to revisit all the locations mentioned in the book of ‘A Cupboard Full of Coats’. From reading the book, I have a visual idea of what everything looked like but being there in person changed everything. I got to visit Rio the cinema in which Jinx visits when she becomes older and takes her son for a trip to watch a film. I visited downs park and saw all the old houses on the road. I was able to take a walk down Hackney downs park which was a bigger park than I expected. The roads all down my journey were super long and I had no idea at all. It was spacious and beautiful to walk down somewhere knowing you have read about it and imagining all the events replay in my head. This was a great experience. I tried to talk to somebody to find out what the houses were like and what life was like in Dalston in the 80s, but nobody wanted to be interviewed and everyone else was in a rush. But just being there, gave me a good feeling and better understanding of the place.







Group Task




We were all put into groups today, we were set a task of putting together a Mood Board from the 70s to the 90s and every individual in the group had to cover a topic in the end. I chose to cover hair and make up and I also covered music. This was the outcome of our Mood Board.


We then joined with other groups, assessing all the Mood boards and receiving feedback from other groups. After looking at the conclusion of the 70’s group work we completed, it seemed the feedback we all received was that it looked too vague and concentrated more on the aesthetics of the final Mood Board rather than the relevance of the pictures on there. So in my Individual mood board, I will make sure that all my pictures are relevant to the book of ‘A Cupboard Full of Coats’

Life In Dalston – 80s

Life In Dalston - 80s

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After taking a walk around in Dalston, I started exploring the history of the architechture and admiring at the same time. I have lived near Dalston for a while now and I had never noticed its beauty and history until I stopped and went on a search for buildings that may still be built from the 70s or 80s.

A little after my trip to Dalston, I was able to meet with a friend of mine and her mother who lives in Dalston now and was there during the 70s and 80s period. We met in Angel, Starbucks and I was able to interview her with a few curious questions about houses in those periods to get a clearer image of how I would potentially want to decorate the set for my film. I was also curious as to what they wore during those times and how culture affected everything. Here is the interview..

1. How old were you in the 70s/80s and what is your heritage?

2.What was the Atmosphere like in the streets of Dalston on a typical day?

3.What did the buildings look like during the 70s/80s?

4. How much did Culture affect people’s individual lives?

5. In your home, What did your Room, Living room & Kitchen look like in the 70s/80s?

6.What was a common trend for people to have in their houses in Dalston?

7. How did people dress on a typical day in Dalston in those times?

8. What did people do for entertainment, was it all based in Dalston?

9. What was it like to study in the 70s/80s in Dalston?

10. Was there a problem with White and Black people mixing?

Refrencing for All Mood Boards

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My Individual Mood Board Explanation and Relation

I decided to scan through the book ‘A cupboard Full of Coats’ one last time to assure that I was almost referencing the pictures I chose for my Mood Board from the book and added some other inspirational pictures as well as expressing experimentations of my own. When making my individual mood I decided to focus on hair, wardrobe and make up as these would be the different roles I will be working on. I found pictures of hair and makeup that were mostly popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I added to my mood board as I read over A Cupboard full of coats again, assuring I was using the book as a reference in researching for the right thing. After reading and highlighting key description I added as much as I could to my mood board. I added the exact colour described in the book of eye shadow onto my mood board too. Here are all the descriptions I mainly focused on from the book..






Luckily, every film I have worked on included these descriptions so I knew exactly what to pick when being asked to go out and find items and looks that the actors would need for the day of the shooting.